In person Schedule


Yoga Flow :
Monday 6pm - 7.15pm
Wednesday 9am - 10am
Thursday 6pm - 7pm
@Alchemy Siem Reap


Flow & Grow 18th Febuary 3pm - 5pm @Aum Yoga Center Siem Reap

Vinyasa / Hatha / Barre

Rhythm & Breath -
Lively up yourself

Energise and activate. Uplifting conditioning flows to liven up and balance body and mind. 

Vinyasa / Slow Flow / Stretch
Rhythm & Breath -
Mellow Mood

Unwind and release. Slow paced flows with a focus on deep breathing and rejuvenating body and mind.


Pranayama Yoga
Breathwork /Pranayama


Breathwork has a positive impact on physical and emotional health. Breath control calms the mind. Being mindful of the breath is part of all classes. 

Dance / Barre / Vinyasa Yoga

Flow & Grow

Dance and align. Flowing through asanas, using breath and beats to smoothly connect body and mind. A creative combination of freestyle and asana alignment. Themed sessions and choreographies. 

Body language is our Mother tongue

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