Founded & Grounded


In 2018 Dance Fusion started in Myanmar, offering different styles of dance at schools, gyms and studios. Free of charge classes were weekly hosted at the women empowerment center and  shelter. A creative way to relief stress and stimulate positive self-development. 
Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible to continue in-person classes in Myanmar. Since 2021 barre, dance and yoga for the women and girls is hosted online.
Namasate is the start of an online community offering uplifting creative movement classes to groups in need across borders.  We believe that the joy and healing power of movement should be accessible for everyone.  

Together we
Flow & Grow

We are happy and proud to partner with dancers and schools like DwM to create content and offer creative movement classes to community projects. People like Khin Mon Thu, a passionate professional dancer and the founder of DwM, are a true inspiration for the younger generation in Myanmar.


Namasate supports creative education projects, vocational training and social community initiatives. We connect with creative projects in Myanmar and across borders. Are you interested to learn more and see what’s possible? We love to hear from you!
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